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Please this year - just like all years - don't go crazy with gifts for us. If you'd like to get us something please just one or two things - we have so many things already and it is important to our Mama and Papa that we don't get too overwhelmed.
Don't forget we always have our 529 College Savings plans.
We also love handmade gifts! Or, the best thing would just be if you could come visit us!
Thanks, Simon and August (with a tiny bit of help from Ma & Pa).

Bigger Red Hugglepod - I've outgrown mine
Under Armour Pants - Black w/ Yellow - YMD
Under Armour Pants - Blue Knight - YMD
UA Hero Warm Up - Blue Jet - YMD
UA May the Force Be w/You - Red - YLG
UA Storm Armour Pants - Black
UA Shirt - YLG - Carbon Heather
UA Short Sleeve Shirt - YLG - Red
UA Hoodie - True Gray Heather - YLG
UA Ulter Ego - Captain America (most) Batman (2nd) - YLG
UA Storm Coldgear - Black - YLG or YXL
Rock Tumbling Book
UA Darth Vader - YLG
UA Softshell Coat - Blue Jet - YL
UA Heatgear - Black - YLG
UA Black (w/Blue) Shorts - YXL
UA Fitted Leggings - YLG - Glacier Gray
Labyrinth Game
UA Camo Short Sleeve - YLG
Olivewood Nutcracker
Playful Chef Cooking Kit
The Art of Tinkering
Cool Tool Workshop
Rainbow LED Ant Habitat
Kinetic Gear Necklace
Fairy Design Kit
Fizzy Drink Science Kit
Room Defender
Young Architects
Egg into a Bottle
How do you walk on Fire
Shark Slippers - size 3
Light Up Snap Circuit Kit