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Julie 01/17/05 at 12:30AM

Lisa raises some good points, and I think its how some of this should be looked at. I couldn't agree more with your comment about the Hep B. I had no idea about this at the time and I was too scared to say no and didn't feel like I had any information on the subject...not to mention the raging hormones and vulnerable feelings all pulsing through my mind (this goes back to why I want to be a nurse.....it would be nice to be a voice of reason and be able to provide that information and rational viewpoint most new parents don't have). If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't. On the other hand...in retrospect I'm lucky I did. Amelia has been to hospitals for so many tests I can't count (we were there this morning)....this is definately where you risk picking these things up, and its nice that she had those safeguards in place and we haven't had to worry about that on top of everything else. I guess thats probably why they recommend it....because you never know if your kid is going to have issues, and when it hits, it would be too late to do anything about it. Vaccines don't work once you've been exposed...the system needs time. I guess the only point here is that most people don't know whether they will have a healthy kid....we didn't. I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and delivery, I exclusively nursed Amelia...formula never touched her lips, I did everything "right", but sometimes things just happen. I guess that would be my last point. We can try our best as parents, but sometimes bad things just happen. Whether or not you vaccinate, misfortune may come to Simon. Regradlessofwhatyou choose, it will have been the right choice, and you have to believe this. Thats why you have a choice. If he gets a disease he could have been protected against, you may have saved him from a bad reaction......if he has a bad reaction, well you may have saved him from a horrible deadly disease. As much as I wish it were possible, we don't have total control....its a good lesson to start learning now. My mother still suffers deeply from not being able to accept this fact and the fact that she couldn't prevent my sisters death. Bad things happen and it sucks, all we can do is our best. You already are doing this.
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