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Angela 01/31/05 at 1:53PM

Hi Erika, Shane and Simon,

I have been told about this on going conversation by many of our dear friends out there. Being a mother who is so concerned about raising Hannah in as natural and safe environment as possible, I feel I must now give my two bits of info...after all, you are asking.

At first, Stu and I were not going to immunize. I did much reading on vacs, especially the MMR shots. I was first alarmed by the information given in Mothering Mag (which is a great mag, but not always on track when it comes to some information) but chilled out a bit after reading other information and talking with her pediatrician. We chose to spread her vacs out, so that her little system would not be overloaded with these bugs all at once. She got one shot at a time and is finally caught up on her vacs. Hep B is NOT necessary for children to get. I taught sex ed for many years, Hep B is a major concern for teens as they become sexually active, but hopefully little Simon will not be engaged in such behaviors for a few more years.

I am currently working at Community Medical Center and have seen the number of small children 2 months to age 5 who are coming in with Whooping Cough. It can kill them. Very few children die from immunizations, but the diseases they prevent do kill children. In response you your mom's comments about why an adult would get whooping cough if they had been immunized. Some immunizations--like measles and Whooping Cough do not protect people for life, but do protect them during childhood when they are at greatest risk of becoming very ill from these diseases. In about 1988 or so, we were told we had to now have a booster for MMR, that the last one we got as infants was not going to protect us.

By immunizing our children, we are protecting those children who because of illness cannot be immunized and we are keeping the diseases at bay.

There are probably worse things to worry about in the day to day environment that can hurt our children.. like hormones in dairy and contaminated water, than the worry from vacs.

Hope you are all doing well. Angela
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