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Erika 01/16/05 at 2:17PM

Well it isn't quite as simple as just doing it. At least not in my mind. With all of the research I've done I've found there are several bad things in vaccinations and I don't want to expose a tiny baby to them either. So many friends and people I've talked to on the matter have had problems with vaccinations. Julie is an exception, but Julie is also going to school to be a nurse so that's a lot where her knowledge and views on the matter stem from. I guess I made the decision to not vaccinate him based on the things I've read. Just because you give a baby a vaccination for something doesn't make them immune to that particular disease, or all strains of it anyway. Julie, didn't Amelia get whooping cough even after you had her vaccinated for it? If they can still get the illnesses why even bother with the vaccination? It freaks me out that there is still mercury in the vaccinations also. That's just not okay, we shouldn't be injecting mercury into their tiny bodies either. That's just not healthy.
I guess if anyone has done any research on the whole thing, I'd like to hear what you've researched.
What if Simon is injured by the vaccines we give him, if and when we do them. That is something he might have to live with for the rest of his life. I know that the majority of the time (statistically) your baby is okay after you vaccinate him/her. I know also statistically that boys have a harder time with vaccinations than girls do. I also know that so many vaccination related injuries aren't reported to the CDC...so it is something I've thought a lot about and don't really know what the right decision is. I made a decision at one point, and that was to wait until Simon was a year old to vaccinate him at all. Then even Shane was questioning my decision, so I began questioning myself as a result obviously. It is just a really hard thing. It seems like after a year he will have had enough common colds, etc. so his little immune system will have built up enough umph to be able to take the vaccination. A lot of kids get sick after they are vaccinated. It isn't the actual shot itself I fear, it's the aftermath.
"Mark R. Geier, MD, PhD, is codirector, Genetic Consultants, and director, Institute of Immuno-Oncology; president, Genetic Counseling and Research, Inc.; and director, Molecular Medicine, Inc. Geier is an expert on the biological effects of vaccine-induced infant death. He cited numerous articles in the medical literature, including the National Child Encephalophy Study (NCES) reported in the November 1993 edition of the British Medical Journal, the 1994 Institute of Medicine follow-up study, "Whooping Cough, the Vaccine, and Reducing Vaccine Reactions," and the American Academy of Pediatrics News of November 4, 1994, which all report inherently dangerous neurological problems associated with the whole-cell pertussis vaccine.

According to Geier, 79 percent of all infant deaths under one year of age occur within 28 days of vaccination. Similarly, 71 percent of encephalopathy in infants under one occurs within 28 days of vaccination--as does 92 percent of reported febrile convulsions, 88 percent of nonfebrile convulsions, 66 percent of SIDS, and 99 percent of other neurological symptoms." This was taken from a Mothering Magazine article. Mothering is a magazine I've fallen in love with since I got pregnant. It gives a ton of "natural" resources that I've used for many reasons...from diapering Simon to homeopathic remedies for things. (Which in most cases I prefer to try before getting another drug prescribed.)
Anyway, I'm not writing off vaccinations completely, but if you have any insightful researched input I'd love to hear it.
I know everyone that will respond to this has vaccinated their kids, with the exception of my mom...when you did it, did you worry about these things?
Chances are Simon would be fine, but there is the off chance that he wouldn't be fine...so it's a really really difficult decision to make. I've been blessed with a really healthy baby, maybe vaccinating him would keep him healthy, but maybe it would make him sick. No one knows for sure. If it were as simple as just giving him a shot or a series of them to keep him healthy for life, I agree with you Julie I would do it in a heartbeat, but vaccinations aren't that simple.

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