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Lisa Whitehouse 01/16/05 at 10:35PM

Hi Erika!
Don't know if you remember me but I worked at the CU also. Jennifer Fost sent me your website and I check your beautiful boy out every once in awhile. I wanted you to know that we also have chosen not to vaccinate our 2 kids (14mo and nearly 4yrs old) for a variety of the same reasons you have listed in your posting. As you probably are finding out this is not always a popular stance. I also am not ruling it out completely but did not want to be injecting all that stuff in to a wee baby. I was floored when they wanted to give Riley( the youngest) Hepatitis B when she was just born. Maybe I missed something but I failed to see how she would come into contact with that as I understand it is blood/urine or feces born as a newborn. My kids are at home and not going to daycare. We can get a waiver to get them in school should we need it. The Missoula schol system has more than likely dealt with it before. I too worry whether I am doing the right thing. My Oldest was born just before all the stuff the World Trade Center. With all the talk about small pox and biological warfare etc, I worried all the time about our decision. One of our Dr's has a patient who was born a couple of years ago. His parents did not get vaccinations right away for him. When they did get them when he was a wee young baby he started having convulsions and seizures within 24 hours. Up til then he'd seemed normal and hadn't had any problems at all.
My in laws are daunted that we haven't immunized the kids. My parents aren't too impressed either. Our parents made different decisions on lots of things based on the information available to them at the time just as we are.The pediatrician tries to talk us into it EVERY time we see her... she at least wants us to get the ones she thinks are important. My kids are never sick. I breastfed Emilie to 19 months, Riley is still doing it at 14 months. We've had no ear infections at all and only a few colds. We see a chiropractor regularly and the dr infrequently. I guess the thing I wanted you to know is someone else is doing the same thing with the same uncertaintly. You will find people will be taken aback when you tell them your child is unimmunized( like the dr's) but ultimately you have to do what is comfortable for you and your husband. That is YOUR child... no one else's. I don't want to do anything I fear would hurt my baby. Just as a for instance.... have you ever clipped your baby's finger nails and clipped his finger a tiny bit in addition? Emilie could MOVE when she was tiny. I did it. I admit it. The guilt was unbelievable!!! I cannot imagine the awful way I would feel if I gave her something that hurt her or worse killed her. Just as an aside, I did not clip her nails again until she was 3 and I never do Riley's!!! I am lucky to have a husband who will do it whenever I ask!
I just wanted to weigh in as you seem very bothered by this and I understand that as I have not vaccinated my kids. If I can be any help, please let me know. I was so excited for you when you had Simon. Most days I wouldn't trade my kids for anything.... Emilie IS 3 and 1/2 though... so there are days that I would! Kidding!
Take care!
Lisa Whitehouse
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