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Gramsy Bear 01/16/05 at 4:46PM

When I had you Erika I was young and very uninformed. I followed the rules and did everything I was "suppose" to do as a Mom and had you immunized. I cried each time they gave you the shot and rocked you that day and night while you went through the normal reactions to the shot. With Melissa I was much more informed but again there was not much research out there that coordinated reactions and illnesses or effects from vaccinations. Melissa did have a reaction to the DTP shot most definitely and it was not just the high fever and crying. She was sick for about a week. While we were lucky and she was fine eventually, she did have a react. Since then there has been alot of research and they have begun to find that there may be a reason to look at a possible correlation between vaccinations and SIDs, autism, leukemia and many other things. A really good reason to ask questions and do research. You are right there are an unbelievable amount of things that are not reported to the CDC even they know this. But that is for another discussion.

By the time Matthew was born I had done the research and I did not have him immunized at all. I am grateful about that. By the time he came along there was alot of research and information about immunizations.

Remember, many of the vaccinations are living viruses and they are injecting the virus into the child so they build up an immunity to the illness. What if that illness never comes? What if the strain changes? IF the illness does come could we immunize then?

What is actually in the vaccination? How do they know what to mix together? What if they find that some of what they use to create the vaccination has some kind of long term effects. Mercury is a good example of what can be in some of the vaccinations.

My understanding of the whooping cough vaccination is that you are protected for life. I had an adult friend that got whooping cough when she went into the hospital for something else. The entire family had to get a booster shot so they would be protected. If they were already immunized why did they need a booster shot? If they were immunized why did they get whooping cough? Measles is another example. Not to long ago we had an out break of measles here in Seattle. Interestingly enough the children that got them HAD been immunized.

One of the questions I asked the Pediatrician that Matthew had was if I chose to have him immunized are you willing to sign a document that says he will be completely protected from this illness for his life? Are you willing to say that there will not be any side effects immediately or long term from this vaccination?

The response was always the same. No. There could be reactions and there could be long term effects and there is a chance he could get the illness anyway.

The natural approach is a good one for now until you have had a chance to look into everything. Until you have done the research and really are making a choice based completely on the knowledge of good and bad. Always ask the questions and look for the information you need so you feel comfortable with making the decision.

I guess that is a long answer to your one question of did you want to know all of these things? The simple answer is yes!

As I have said before I know you and Shane will do what is best and right for the both of you and Simon. You have a good gut and you have a good head on your shoulders! You love Simon and each other and you will know what to do! You will do the research and you will ask the questions and when you have all of the information. You will make a good decision.

I love you all!!!
Mom, Gramsy
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